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Skinny Chicken Magic Diet Soup - Weight Loss

Skinny Chicken Magic Diet Soup - Weight Loss

Now after  a lot of e-mail’s  asking me to get another  Magic Diet Soup  recipe,  so  this time I added a little more umff !! with some meat, so here’s the  soup  for you to lose the weight.
I have used this soup before during my weight loss program that I started using this first Soup here "Magic Diet Soup - Lose Weight Fast - Low Gi." Although this soup is  a med GI , because of the carrots I find it works just great on its own because the protein just sticks to your ribs and lasts linger in your system .
I hope it works for you like it worked for me, and yes  I do make this soup very often,  say about  twice a month just to keep my diet under control. Also you can change the soup by just adding some meat to it and there you go the same diet soup, but with a different protein.

Please let me know how yours turned out and did you add anything different to it. Also try all my diet recipe's here  "Weight Loss - Magic Diet'



1  Lbs. - Chicken breasts

1 Med. - Carrot
1 Med. - Parsnip
1 Med. - Leek
1 Med. - Onion
2 to 3 Cloves - Garlic
1/4 Cup - Parsley
1/4 Cup - Chives
1/4 Cup - Dill
1 1/2 Cube - Chicken stock (low-sodium)
1/2 Cup - Rice (white or brown)

Salt and pepper to taste

1 Tsp. - Tomato paste
1/4 Cup - Green onions
1 Med. - Celery root 


Here I'am using only chicken breasts, but you can really use any part from the chicken, as long as you remove most of the fat and all the skin.

Try it with beef or a different type of meat, it will all be good and  it will give you more of a variety for your diet plan.

Go ahead any add any type of veggies you like,  add more or less, whatever you want.

Make it your way, afterall it's your soup, just remember to add only low-sodium stock to it, the less salt the better. 

Add water to about  2 inches above the veggie line. If you find that you want more of a liquid  soup more then a thick one, then add more water until you get it exactly perfect for you. Remember to adjust the stock to accommodate the extra water to keep the soup tasteful.

Add rice or celery root, for I very often use the root to substitute the potato to give me of  a lower GI soup. Anyway you do it, it still will be awesome and be perfect for you diet plan. Also to get it all to a low GI, then substitute the carrots with red peppers and use the celery root.

Go ahead and make it your way. Try to use the herbs fresh for it will give you more of a clean fresh flavour. 

Skinny Chicken Magic Diet Soup - Weight Loss

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  1. Are the serving instructions the same as your meatless Magic Diet Soup? Instructions: Serve soup everyday for 2 weeks 3-4 times a day with fruit & salad in between. Then repeat this for one week every month & follow a low GI Diet until you reach your goal.

  2. Yes, you can do that. Now I would recommend your look at my other Diet Programs on this Blog..:)

  3. Tony, I assume it's ok to use the different magic weight loss soup recipes for each week if you're on a longer term diet. Just to have something different like not having the cabbage soup too long because of lack of nutrients and getting tired of the same thing over time.

  4. You are correct, please check out my playlist here for other obtions -

  5. do i only eat the soup for 7 days? what else can i eat? is this the 7 day diet where you eat day 1 fruit, day 2 veg, day 3 veg and fruit, day 4 milk and banana, etc? if not please let me know how this soup diet works

  6. Please follow the Blog...:) After you are finished, you can start again..:)


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