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Garlic Soup - Natural Antibiotics - Healthy.

Garlic Soup - Natural Antibiotics - Healthy.

Garlic Soup, the perfect Natural Antibiotics, helps build up  your immunity system, Helps  fight off Colds and the Flu. Now  Remember no kissing for an  hour.....:)

Do not let this garlic soup fool you. Just because you hear about how much garlic we put in does not mean that that it will have a strong overpowering flavor. In fact it has a nice light creamy taste that just warms you up and gives you a feeling of well being.

I know you will fall in love with this garlic soup and your family will like it.



3  -  Med.  potatoes.
1 -   Lg. carrot.
1 -  Sm.  onion.
1/2   -  Parsnip.
1/2  bulb or 6 gloves garlic.
2  or 3  Green onions.
1  -  Cube chicken of veggie stock.
2  to 3  Cooking oil.
1/4  Cup  -  Butter.
1 tbs. -- Parsley.
1/2  Cup milk  or  1/3  cup cream.
Water  as needed.

Salt and pepper to taste.

For more information, please see video below. 


Here I have pressed the garlic into as small pieces as I can get it. Now I do this because I want to get the full flavor of the garlic into the olive oil. 

Please watch your temperature at this time for we want to saute the garlic, not toast it or burn it. If the garlic is over cooked then it will give off a bitter taste and lose all its health benefits.  So at this point of time, please keep an eye on it.

I added potatoes to this recipe to give the soup some filler to give you that feeling on being full, instead of just a watery soup that will make you hungry in a couple of hours. 

Also the potatoes gives the soup a velvet smoothness  texture and make it look good and be thicker. If you are concerned with calories and you are on a low GI diet then use some celery root instead of the potatoes.

When blending the soup, please keep it on high for about a minute and a half or more to get it to be as smooth as possible.

Remember to remove the carrot before you do this and only add the herbs after this process.

Add you cream or if you are counting calories milk a little at a time and keep stirring  until it gets to the constancy that you like.

Now I usually allow the soup to cool off or serve it the next day and then reheat it to serve. I do this because I want to give the soup to marinate all the garlic and herbs better. In this way it has more of a full flavor.

One little secret on this garlic soup, it goes good also a cold soup, try it and see. It's awesome like this. 

Now go ahead and try it and please let me know how yours turned out. 

Garlic Soup - Natural Antibiotics

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  1. Hi I wonder if nesecito also include soup at breakfast to lose pesoHi I wonder if I nesecito include soup at breakfast to lose weight

    1. You could, but a light Breakfast will do also...:)

  2. It's better to add mushroom into the soup. Garlic is compatible with types of mushroom and they are healthy.

  3. Whatever you like, have it your way. As long as it works...

  4. Just finished making this soup and just finished my first cup. It was outstanding.I will be making this OFTEN.

    1. Awesome, please keep in touch and try out our other diet recipes...:)


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